1st Bench
July 26, 2008
Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina

2nd Bench
April 23, 2009
Site on the Underground Railroad
Oberlin, Ohio

3rd Bench
October 3, 2009
Mississippi Freedom School
Hattiesburg, Mississippi

4th Bench
November 6, 2010
In Honor of Louis Delgrès
Paris, France

5th Bench
May 21, 2011
Caesar Robbins House
Concord, Massachusetts

6th Bench
Lisner Auditorium
September 21, 2011
Washington, DC

7th Bench
May 27, 2012
First Congregational Church
Atlanta, Georgia

8th Bench
April 16, 2016
Mitchellville Freedom Park
Hilton Head, South Carolina

9th Bench
May 22, 2013
Walden Woods
Lincoln, Massachusetts

10th Bench
June 26, 2013
In Honor of Aimé Césaire
Fort-de France, Martinique

11th Bench
April 24, 2014
Eden Cemetery
Collingdale, Pennsylvania

12th Bench
April 10, 2015
Margaret Walker Center
Jackson, Mississippi

13th Bench
April 17, 2015
In Honor of Samuel Burris
Middleton, Delaware

14th Bench
April 17, 2015
In Honor of the Family of Emeline and Samuel Harris
Middleton, Delaware

15th Bench
May 18, 2015
In Honor of Cynthia Hedsra
Nyack, New York

16th Bench
September 18, 2015
Hosana AUMP Church
Lincoln University, Pennsylvania

17th Bench
February 6, 2016
Baton Rouge Bus Boycott
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

18th Bench
February 28, 2016
Woodruff Library at Atlanta University Center
Atlanta, Georgia

19th Bench
April 24, 2016
Cozad-Bates House
Cleveland, Ohio

20th Bench
July 24, 2016
Schomburg Library
Harlem, New York

21st Bench
April 28, 2017
Library of Congress
Washington, DC

22nd Bench
October 20, 2017
Site on the Underground Railroad
Adrian, Michigan

23rd Bench
April 7, 2018
Southview Cemetery
Atlanta, Georgia

24th Bench
September 16, 2018
Home of Frederick Douglass
New Bedford, Massachusetts

25th Bench
April 5, 2019
Howard University
Washington, DC

26th Bench
November 14, 2019
Lincoln University
Lincoln University, Pennsylvania

27th Bench
October 10, 2020
Cartersville Train Depot
Cartersville, Georgia

28th Bench
April 17, 2020
Greenwood and Archer Streets
Tulsa, Oklahoma

29th Bench
April 17, 2020
Mabel Little Heritage House
Tulsa, Oklahoma

30th Bench
April 27, 2021
Old 8th Ward
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

31st Bench
July 29, 2021
Booker T. Washington High School
Tulsa, Oklahoma

32nd Bench
September 19, 2021
Prudence Crandall Museum
Canterbury Connecticut