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Thank you for renewing your Toni Morrison Society membership. We appreciate the contributions that you have made to the Society-- both your participation in Society programs and events and your financial support. As a member of the Toni Morrison Society, you join a community of scholars and readers throughout the world who are committed to the study of the works of Toni Morrison.

This year the Toni Morrison Society celebrates its 25 th anniversary! For 25 years because of members like you we have been able to hold conferences, symposia, lectures and special events devoted to the study of the works of Toni Morrison. With a new slate of officers and new programming agenda for the Society, and the support of our membership, we look forward to moving the work of the Society to new heights. In regular communications from the Society this year, you will get updates on Society events and invitations to participate in the organizational work of the Society.

As you renew this year, we invite you to consider our new Sustaining Membership. As a sustaining member, you contribute as little as $10 per month, which covers your renewal membership fee and provides support for the programming and operational needs of the Society. All fees and contributions to the Toni Morrison Society are tax deductible.

Thank you, again, for renewing your Toni Morrison Society Membership! We look forward to another year of your working with us to encourage and support the study of the works of Toni Morrison!

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Thank you for your contribution to the Toni Morrison Society!
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