Welcome to TMS Member Plus!

A new monthly membership plan for the Toni Morrison Society.

Dear Members and Friends of the Society,

We are pleased to introduce TMS Member Plus. This is an opportunity for members to pay their membership and make a monthly contribution to the Society. You can do this by making a monthly contribution of as little as $10 per month. Over 12 months, you will have contributed $120 to the Society. While $50 of that amount is the regular membership fee, the $70 additional dollars is also tax-deductible. This additional amount will contribute to our Annual Fund and help support the operational work of the Society at our new office at Oberlin College. If you are already a life member, then your contribution will be a full donation to the Society that you can also claim as a tax-deduction. While $10 is the minimum amount, we encourage you to contribute more on a monthly basis to support the work of the Toni Morrison Society. You will get an email statement at the end of the year, indicating the total amount you contributed during the year. Thank you for joining TMS Member Plus! Please sign up today.

Yes, I would like to sign up for TMS Member Plus!

Please debit my credit card for the following amount on a monthly basis:

Please begin my deduction on the first day of the month, beginning in the month of:

Membership Period July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019

No, I will continue my one time annual membership payment of $50.